ChuChum – chilli pastes with flavorful heat

Years ago ChuChum was a secret code among friends in their homey and perhaps slightly spice-apprehensive family kitchens which meant..
”quickly… drop something spicy in the food while I distract the rest!"

Therefore, when the chilli paste recipe was invented in the summer of 1998 in the same kitchens during an improvisatory soiree in Copenhagen, the name Chu-Chum seemed logical and fitting.
At first too much Chu-Chum was made for own consumption, so family, friends, colleagues and neighbours got involved. Most people were so enthused with the paste that it became a constant request to supply more. Even so, the makers kept saying:

If we could – we would eat it all ourselves!

Soon rising demand prompted the friends to move out of the homey small scale kitchens to establish a larger and proper production.

ChuChum ApS

ChuChum ApS was founded in 2007 with one clear objective: to produce and market chilli pastes where just flavor and aroma would inspire people to use it in all of their cooking.
ChuChum did just that and to further the usefulness it was based on oil instead of vinegar/sugar/salt, making it much easier to apply both during cooking or at the tableside.

Since then ChuChum’s motto changed to:

”Gourmet Chilli pastes with flavorful heat”

..which now serves as one of the cornerstones of ChuChum’s mission.

Contact ChuChum Aps:

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